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Published: August 31, by eXtasy Books Inc. Invaders beware—the Lionhearts are coming for you to kick some alien ass! Lioness' Wings by Valerie J. Long Series: Zoe Lionheart , Book 4. Words: 76, Published: July 27, by eXtasy Books Inc. Lonesome Angel by Valerie J. Long Series: Zoe Lionheart , Book 9. Words: 77, Published: May 15, by eXtasy Books Inc. Naked, penniless, without memories or a name, the grown-up foundling is discovered in a forest of Wiesbaden, Germany. Lioness' Dream by Valerie J. Long Series: Zoe Lionheart , Book 7.

Published: February 15, by eXtasy Books Inc. No superpowers, no impressive looks. Just her determination makes the difference.

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Lioness' Pack by Valerie J. Long Series: Zoe Lionheart , Book 8. Words: , We is Hot by Valerie J. Words: 11, Published: February 11, by eXtasy Books Inc. We came to this world to spend ultimate joy, only the pleasures without the pain, and no undesired side effects. So what have we done wrong to make the powers that be send a killer on our heels? Lioness' Combat by Valerie J.

Long Series: Zoe Lionheart , Book 6. Words: 63, Published: February 10, by eXtasy Books Inc. Lioness' Bride by Valerie J. Long Series: Zoe Lionheart , Book 5. Published: February 8, by eXtasy Books Inc. Lioness' Skin by Valerie J. Long Series: Zoe Lionheart , Book 3. Words: 40, Published: November 21, by eXtasy Books Inc. Born Desmond Bergen in the small Australian town of Wangaratta, on the 22nd of October , his early life was markedly normal.

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He moved to Melbourne as an adult, settled down, got married, had children, and got a wellpaying job as a floor manager at the Georges Department store. Then he got divorced. Desi made a life changing trip to India in the s. It was during this time that he took on his new name, Baba Desi, which means international father, according to Desi. After two years of soul searching in India, Desi returned to Australia moving to the Melbourne suburb of Belgrave. In the primeval rainforests of the Dandenongs he found his home. He sat on the South Melbourne Council in and later ran for Victorian Senate, getting 26, votes.

During his run for senate he designed his own Australian flag, combining the Commonwealth, Aboriginal, and Torres Strait flags. He was so proud of his design he had it tattooed on his right hand. It was after this that he began to dress flamboyantly. Desi recalls initially using his unique style in his run ins with law enforcement at the Melbourne docks, while protesting American uranium shipments.

Despite his surprising youthful vigour Desi is beginning to show his age having lost his left eye to glaucoma in I rubbed my eyes and looked out across the horizon. I squinted into the sun and shielded my eyes in an attempt to see how far away we were now, I could only see a dot in the distance which I presumed was the old farm house. Why on earth was it this hot already? I leaned back again in the back of the Ute and cringed when my head hit the edge of the metal a bit too hard.

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I could have tried to have a quick nap, but I knew that I would just be awoken again by dad jolting the Ute to a stop. Six in the fucking morning why the fuck did he think that I wanted to be fixing a fence at six in the fucking morning. That was if dad had not taken them of the will, god forbid if he put my name on the damn thing. The ute was jolted to a stop and my head banged against the metal again. Glancing back, I saw Dad who was trying to shield his eyes from the sun, staring proudly across the paddocks, completely oblivious.

I leaned down and picked at the grass,. The grey coloured sticks cracked in my hands and floated to the ground.

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If I was who my dad thought I was I am sure that I could give an educated reason as to why the grass and soil was the way it was, but unbeknown to him I was not, nor had I ever been that person. Even if the place was in top notch I would still want nothing to do with it. I looked back towards the ute and saw dad lift Millie from the passenger seat and place her on the ground, she stretched her legs and once her eyes adjusted to the sunlight, she saw me and slowly wandered over.

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She pushed her head into my hand and after receiving a few strokes on her course scruffy fur she flopped onto the ground and let out a sigh. I saw him wearing his broadbrimmed hat, illuminated by the sunlight which came from the direction of the newly painted farmhouse, I could see the bright blue even from here. I heard myself giggling as he swung me through the air. I saw my brothers running around his feet and shoving each other into the wet green grass, while Millie chased them, barking enthusiastically.

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I opened my eyes and was brought back to the reality that was now. I looked down at Millie, the brown dust kicked up as she wagged her tail, she looked at me with longing eyes, too tired and sore to get up. After two hours of Dad making unfunny jokes and being far too optimistic, and of me holding back curse words and fighting the urge to strangle myself with the fence wire, I was finally allowed to take a break.

I closed my eyes and tried to remember. The lovers lay in a luxurious claw foot bath, alone in their grand manor, as they typically were. The brown haired girl of nineteen years, rested her head on the porcelain, her eyes closed, thinking of the events of the day. Her lover lifted her leg out of the water to rest it on the edge of the tub. The red melted away from her snow white skin into the already crimson water.

Lioness' Heart (Zoe Lionheart, #1) by Valerie J. Long

Before she was able to finish, her lover turned around to face her, her thick raven hair falling onto her shoulders, she caressed her face and kissed her lips. The girl dropped the pink loofah into the water as her lover continued to kiss her, the blood from her mouth dripping down her chin. They had owned it uncontested ever since, or at least that is how it seemed to the outside world. Charlotte remained, known only to the Randall family. Often the people that visited the house, attending the lavish balls, parties and dinners that would be held there were the rich from the city.

Charlotte had a deep hatred for Thomas Randall, he reminded her of her father. Charlotte often fantasised about his downfall, how one weak man could bring down an entire family, much like her own father had done. Charlotte watched from the shadows as the girl cried. Watching the Randall children as they grew up Charlotte mainly focussed on William, the son. His death would kill Thomas she knew, but she was above killing children.

It was not until the children grew into their teenage years that Charlotte would begin to focus on Lillian, the daughter. She came to realise that Lillian was just like her, in all her years there not one girl had stepped foot in the manor that was like her, there were men, but they were of no interest to Charlotte. This information led her to curiosity, her curiosity continued only until she managed to become infatuated with the girl. The first time that the lovers met Lillian was but sixteen.

She had been lured into the room in which Charlotte typically resided.