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In addition to the bargaining and grievance work we continue to organize new units into Local We are currently working with non-union employees in Kaiser Permanente as well as other units in the private sector. Growth makes us stronger and better able to support all of our members.

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To say that the first half of this year has been a busy time for all of us at Local 30 would be a huge understatement. But the good news is that it was certainly worth it. As a result of all the work and effort made we have settled and ratified contracts at the University of Southern California, and a number of agreements in Colorado and Arizona, and the KP National Agreement.

I congratulate all those Local 30 members who worked hard with our Business Agents and officers to bring such great results for our members. There is a lot going on right now in our union and everyone is very busy making it all work. While we usually stay pretty busy with the normal workflow, when you add Kaiser National Bargaining to the mix everything changes.

Over the next few months our staff and some of our officers and members will be engaged in different parts of that bargaining and in the end we are confident that we will return to our Kaiser members with a contract that they will be pleased to ratify. Our Kaiser contract covers more than 4, of our members in Local Still there are many other things ongoing at the same time and all will receive our full attention as always. Some of those things include bargaining in our units in Arizona and Colorado. This page.

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PDF Text search this item. Text Search On Oct. Local, state and federal government officials attended a ceremony alongside volunteers, staff, supporters, and business leaders. A new 6, square foot visitor center will serve as the main park office and will host an exhibit hall, classroom, restrooms, retail space, and an outdoor amphitheater. A new parking area will support the visitors center and access to trails.

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The Nov. Funds approved for capital improvement projects will be used for design of a pedestrian bridge at Eno River State Park, system-wide exhibit and trail maintenance, major maintenance projects, demolition needs and to support Connect NC Bond projects. Hosted by N. Division of Parks and Recreation, the database grew to include birds of North Carolina, dragonflies and damselflies, mammals, moths, hoppers, and vascular plants. There are several databases in development including freshwater, coastal, and marine fishes, freshwater mussels, terrestrial and aquatic snails, and crayfishes.

The database is a place for observers to upload photos with common name, county, date, observer, number, and comments usually including a location. This allows database users to see the geographic distribution of species found across the state and determine their rarity.

The purpose of the site is to ultimately delineate the geographic range of each species across the state. The N.

Biodiversity Website can be accessed at www. Division of Parks and Recreation. To learn how to subscribe and have news of the North Carolina State Parks sent directly to your email inbox, scan the QR code with a smartphone app, or visit www.

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The park was just beginning to recover from the extensive Party Rock Fire in Fortunately, on the day of the landslide, the attraction portion of the park was closed due to heavy rains and wind, and the parking lot where the landslide occurred was clear of visitors. The landslide came just before peak leaf season for the gorge, putting a damper on enjoyment of the season from the attraction portion of the park. The parking area has been stabilized, but parking will remain limited until final repairs are complete. It is rather sad to see a large tree that was clearly very old meet the end of its life unceremoniously on the forest floor.

When Umstead State Park Ranger Jessica Phillips found a large Red Oak down along the Graylyn multiuse trail, she was inspired to see something more come of this beautiful tree. Working with fellow rangers and supporters of the park, a special project began to come together. Along with the support of Friends of William B. The pair spent a week in November using chainsaws to shape the tree into a wildlife-themed sculpture.

Visitors will be able to enjoy the sculpture on their hikes, rides, and runs along the Graylyn Multiuse Trail for years to come.

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The Mountain Laurel Loop Trail is 6. The new trail head is located at Moccasin Branch Road in Lillington. The trail was designed with a greater width to accommodate hand cycles, and employs sustainable alignment to avoid erosion. Cabins at Cliffs of the Neuse Cliffs of the Neuse State Park welcomed visitors to three new cabins in its family campground this fall. Modeled after successful cabin campsites that opened at Carolina Beach State Park earlier this year, the new sites offer two-room cabins with heat and air conditioning inside and a picnic area outside.

Conestoga Cabins manufactured the cabins. Funnel Cakes, Tilt-a-Whirl, and State Parks? State Parks shared the exhibit space with North Carolina Historic Sites, allowing visitors to learn more about a variety of opportunities offered by the Department of Natural and Cultural Resources across the state. Campfire Safety: From Boring Beetles to Rogue Pine Needles Our state parks have special rules for campfires to protect our visitors, wildlife, and natural resources.

Camp fires must be kept in designated areas and tended at all times. Wildfires can cause millions of dollars of damage, injury, and even death. Part of being a good steward is practicing fire safety! Parks across the country are working to reduce the spread of the Emerald Ashe Borer beetle and other destructive insects. Visitors can avoid introducing harmful insects into their parks by buying local firewood at or near their destination. Many of our parks sell firewood on site. Visitors should buy only what they need for their visit and burn all their firewood by the end of their stay.

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Date ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; Subjects North Carolina. OCLC number YouTube videos of five grant recipients are now available for viewing:. Local and regional food systems are gaining national attention from policy analysts and policy makers. New resources from four high-profile sources are available to help local food advocates have conversations with local governments and communities.

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Topics include local food systems as engines of economic development, contribution of small farms to community food security and nutrient-rich diets, and establishing policies and ordinances at the local level to support local food systems. American Farmland Trust. United States Environmental Protection Agency. Federal Reserve Bank of St. Small Farms: Stewards of Global Nutrition?

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Institute on the Environment, University of Minnesota. December Conservation Tillage Conference. Willmar, MN. Midwest CSA Conference. Minnesota Organic Conference. January Rivers Edge Convention Center, St. Cloud, MN. Emerging Farmers Conference. Paul Campus, University of Minnesota. Sustainable Farming Association Annual Conference.

February College of St. Benedict, St.