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It should be easy to find some books on the internet in English about basic Norse mytholody suitable for children, but I do not have any ideas what is best since I have been studying this subject on the university level for the last fifteen years or so. Hi…thank you for the video!

Please look at this website for information regarding Trojans being the ancient Scandinavians:. I appreciate your work since I like what the archetypes of old norse mythology among other cultures represent as you have explained them. Being African American in modern times I have found it hard to share my new found expression or better yet my formerly unconditioned state with other like minded people so please keep up the excellent work.

I will continue to watch and learn.. You are amazing, I never get tired of listening to you. Your are a Goddess in your own right. Just wanted you to know. Hei Kvilhaug. I enjoy your videos. I see you have done a very thorough work, and I respect your understanding, waking up the gods. You are one of all those who reawaken our wonderful old norse culture, and you focus on an area needing attention. I focus on the music. I use Vedic knowledge and scales to recontruct what I find in the old oral traditions and rune stones of Southern Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

The result is amazing in the effect it has on listeners who have never been into spiritual matters or who have pains, sicknesses, restlessness etc. I was also very curious to find through the spirit of the music what emotions, experiences and thoughts people had.

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The music with the texts has given me an idea of that. The music has shown me what they believed. Fascinating and moving my heart. I convey these things in my concerts all around. Go on sturdy! Hei Maria. I guess you maybe know already, that the pre-roman so called christianity has many similiarities with our oldnorse tradition, an example is the death mysteries.

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To me, Yeshua ben Yusuf called Jesus later on has many resemblances with Odin. Too many he he! Well, my interest goes far back, so, there are many common lines in the traditions and cultures here…. All blessings.

Revisiting the Songs of Summer

Having finally found my path as a pagan and being of Norse decent, I am truly in awe and wish to extend my many thanks for your insight and ability to tell the stories of our ancestors in a very well thought out interpretation. It is what keeps us alive. Blessed be. It is an honor to listen to your UTube videos and I am thrilled to be purchasing your book.

Your experiences, the attention you pay to the historical, the ancient words, looking at the depth of what most others glance over… you see things differently, yet I believe rightly due to what I believe is a true connection to that which seek and what you teach… I appreciate all the work you have done!

Thank you. I will not give the Lengthy story as it is way too long to write out.. I had an experience a few years ago that started out with following a rhyme that came to me while gathered with some of my friends, it wound up in part to be being thrown into a dream like state, or something??? I could feel, smell, taste, see, hear, etc. The process of the metal is long, even in that dream state of being, but when it came into being it was not as a lifeless thing, the metal was born so to speak, and had a heart beat… When the smith began to work the hot metal the goal was to find Living Metal, that when it was folded to a particular angle degree that of Kenaz it would not be too brittle and snap, to weak and fold over, but it would be flexible and maintain its shape.

I seem to find nothing similar in my searching, to give me the idea maybe … it has some substance in relationship to Kenaz. This was the most significant of introductions to the runes I feel I may have received, some of the others have spoken as well, and I find that their introductions of themselves seem to go back to when they were living things, to be reduced to a pictorial or symbolic state of existence. Most of the ones have similar meanings, but there are also slight differences or maybe more depth … but when they have introduced themselves it has been in circumstances that have nothing to do with me actually trying to know them, it is like something is triggered and happens instantaneously.

So, instead of blathering on and on, I would sorely appreciate your opinion as you have had experiences with introductions and understandings that I believe gives you an insight to actually give me a valid opinion, base on more than common or popular conceptions of the Runes.

Thank you, Kelly. Hi Kelly! It was indeed interesting that you wrote about this particular experience since I have been personally thinking a lot about the mythical blacksmith for the last few weeks. I cannot give you any answers except that I do not think you are crazy.

If I thought that, I would have to be crazy too, since such experiences have happened to me many times, and I think there is reality in it, like you said you were inside another persons body for a while like a hitchhiker, I think that is an actual experience of aligning with experiences of the past — perhaps with ancestors, perhaps with previous selves, perhaps just a visit to an experience that is relevant to you.

Celtic Rain (The Battle Raven Series) (Volume 1)

It was a marvellously powerful experience you had and meaningful, but probably also personal — so I cannot say what the meaning is foryou. Love and blessings, Maria. My interest is of Odin and Iceland, specifically Seljalandsfoss. Transcending Gender would be of interest to my beloved.

Dark Celtic Spiritual Rituals | Apollo's Raven

I think you are wonderful. I read the Norse Myths in college and fell in love with the stories. Thank you very much for putting so much effort into bringing the stories to everyone they way they should be. Come to Alaska! I wanted to thank you for this great read! I certainly loved every bit of it. I have you book marked to look at new things you post….

First of all, I would like to thank you for making all of this available to the public, it is wonderful! I live in the middle of Kansas, US, and as you can imagine, Old Norse lore is a bit thin on the ground. I tried to access your forum, but it says that registration is required, and that registry is closed at this time, so I thought I would try my questions here.

I figured if anyone would know, it would be a philologist. On a separate note, I wanted to know whether you had ever heard of Hyrcinian birds? I have only ever found very brief descriptions of them, but they interest me and I would like to include them in my book. They are found in the Hyrcinian forest, and they shine brightly in the dark, and lead lost travelers to safety. If you have any information on either of these subjects, I would be greatly appreciative of a response; even just an idea of certain books to check out.

I do have both Eddas poetic and prose , and several mythical bestiaries, but I am still at a loss. Thank you in advance for reading this huge comment. Hello Deirdre. Thank you for feedback. The forum doesnt work, sadly, my webmaster skills are only so so and self-taught,on the other hand you can request friendship on my Facebook account Ladyofthe Labyrinth, it works a little as a forum. But to answer your question about the Suns daughter: She is mentioned only as a prophecy, a daughter to be born when the Sun dies, essentially meaning that there will be a new Sun, which is also a new age, to come after Ragnarok.

She is in effect just a reborn Sun, a new time cycle. Never heard of Hyrcinian birds though…but what you say about them, shining in the dark and leading lost travelers to safety, they sound a lot like fylgjur followers or valkyriur. These female spirits often took bird shape, and birds in general always described as female, unless they are eagles have an important role showing the way in Edda lore. I have an article on this site on the Sun goddess and the Song of the Sun, and on fylgjur.

Thank you very much, that was most helpful. I think I will incorporate the fylgjur instead of the Hyrcinian birds, they were a bit of a stretch anyway.

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I greatly enjoyed your articles you recommended, and am working through the Edda selections you were kind enough to suggest.