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The elections demolished the post-Mandal caste structures that had caught North India in particular in a pincer of poverty and credulity. He had become close to the RSS when he was Nagpur police commissioner. He also asked to be recused from the special team investigating the Ishrat Jahan fake encounter in Gujarat. Neither the police officer nor the bureaucrat could have been joining the BJP on the spur of the moment. Did that mean they were political even when in service? Both men leapt past the revolving door into the BJP in indecorous haste.

Both men won handily. If that was conduct unbecoming of a four-star general, he set a new level when he joined the BJP in March this year. Did his election signal not just mass discontent with corruption but also disgruntlement in our armed forces? The general and the police commissioner certainly represent the politicisation of our uniformed services. And once you cross the grey line of propriety, all bets are off.

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Read more on naremdra modi. Rajiv Gandhi. Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh. Trinamool Congress. Follow us on. Download et app. I was excited watching him. I enjoyed that experience. Absolute Power creates anxiety. I wanted it to be over. One guy who was supposed to be very smart guessed who the bad guy was. So why does he do something stupid, go off by himself and get killed? Also the detective was not smart enough and trusted the wrong people which caused more bad things to happen.

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But here, it was annoying. So this good guy turned wimpy, meek, and compliant. It would have been so much better if he did something cool to outwit the bad guy. And then I was annoyed at the vague ending. A loves B and misses B. All of a sudden the door opens, and A sees someone enter. I prefer things spelled out.

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Before he can leave, the wife comes home into the bedroom with a lover Alan, who happens to be the President of the United States. Alan is beating her. She attacks back. Alan calls for help and his secret service guys rush in and kill her. Luther is a witness and is on the run. Other characters connected to Luther become involved and end up in danger. Others end up dead as well during the cover up.

I was frequently unhappy with his tone of voice. He did not express all of them all of the time, but he used them when I felt they did not fit the character or mood. Some characters were less sympathetic to me because of the tone of voice.

Frank Muller narrated some of the Grisham books, and had a wonderful style and tone of voice. Scott was unpleasant. He reminded me of a hard nosed jaded detective from the 50s. DATA: Unabridged audiobook reading time: 19 hrs and 7 mins. Swearing language: strong, including religious swear words.

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Sexual language: strong. Number of sex scenes: about They are mostly referred to with no details shown. Setting: mostly Middleton, Virginia and Washington, D. Book copyright: Genre: mystery suspense thriller. Ending: Bad guys get caught. Things are resolved satisfactorily, but I did not feel good.

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I gave 4 stars to The Winner copyright It was ok, but nothing special. It was about a hit man hired to kill someone. This was my first audio book. I had a long car ride 14ish hours each way for the Thanksgiving holiday, and found this at a great used bookstore, reasonably priced and 19 hours in duration. Having heard good things about Baldacci but never read him, this seemed promising It was disappointing. This is a novel without any mystery or suspense.

The reader watches the crime occur and then endures pages of characters stumbling to figure out what we already know. The characters are flat and ster This was my first audio book.

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  • The characters are flat and stereotypical. No one evidently taught the author the writing trick of "show, don't tell" because he tells everything, from breast size to car interior to what dishes are in the sink. Dialogue goes on and on - I'd zone out and come back, surprised that they were on the same conversation and that I had missed nothing of import. There's a kernel of a good story here. The presentation ruined it, and I can't understand the acclaim. Curious about the Clint Eastwood movie though. Edit: And there's one other thing.

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    No personal offense meant to anyone, but a pet peeve of mine is a mild distaste for when someone has two first names. For instance, a character in this novel is Seth Frank. And quite a few others share the predicament, including women with men's first names as their last names, causing confusion regarding who on earth might be speaking. Authors especially should be more creative. Oct 03, Sharon Clark rated it it was amazing. This is the first David Baldacci book that I've read and it won't be my last. I can see why it was made into a movie.

    The premise for the story was unique with Luther Whitney, a career burglar, inadvertently witnessing the president of the United States sleeping with, then beating the wife of a friend. The woman was shot by the president's secret service agents when it appeared that the woman might kill the president. The president's aides made every effort to cover their tracks and they felt th This is the first David Baldacci book that I've read and it won't be my last.

    The president's aides made every effort to cover their tracks and they felt that the president of the United States would be beyond suspicion.. Each time that it looked as though the criminals were about to be brought to justice, the plot took a new unexpected turn. Eventually, lack of evidence against the president and his inner circle seemed to indicate that they would not be caught. The situation seemed hopeless for Seth Frank, the detective in charge and for Jack Graham, the lawyer caught in the middle.

    Yet, David Baldacci provided clever and plausible new evidence that made sense once it was revealed. This book was long and some reviewers claimed that the story dragged. I did not feel that it did. I appreciated the in depth character development and Baldacci's unique descriptive voice.

    This book held my interest from start to finish and I had a hard time putting it down. Jun 04, Lee Gimenez rated it really liked it. A good balance of suspense and action.

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    Fans of Baldacci's books will enjoy it. Dec 27, Asghar Abbas rated it it was amazing. Pure power of a well executed idea. If you looked on my read books list you would see I read and rated this book in a different format and I rated it 5 stars.